Yuksom, Pelling

Yuksom is a historic town located in the West Sikkim district in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. It was the first capital of Sikkim, founded in 1642 by Fontsug Namgyal, the first Chogyal (secular and religious king) of Sikkim. The site of the coronation of the first king of Sikkim is known as the “Throne of Norbang”. This place is calm and peaceful; a real getaway for those who want to avoid the tourist crowd in Sikkim state.

The historical town Yuksom is almost 33 kilometres away from Pelling. The monastery in the town has become a national monument. Moreover, it is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. Villages stay is something which catches the tourist attention. Nowadays everyone is living in the busy cities. No one gets time to explore beautiful villages.

Yuksom is a place which can help you give the experience of your life. The culture and traditions is noteworthy to watch. The Buddhist hearitage is astounding in the place. Although, very few people know about the gem and its beauty. But who visit the place fall in love with the place. The town is the gateway to Kangchendzongha. The town is very rich when it comes to monasteries. There are couple of monasteries in the small which makes it a must visit. A visit to the soothing Yuksom is a must for peace lovers.

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