Do Drul Chorten Stupa

Do Drul Chorten Stupa is among the most important Stupas of Sikkim. The stupa was set up in the year 1945. The stupa is amidst two huge statues which is Chorten Lakhang and Guru Lakhang. The stupa has around 108 prayer wheels. The wheel is embedding with important mantras and people chant by rotating them.

The stupa is only 2 kilometers away from the capital city. It is a place which attracts many tourists all over the year. People who visit Gangtok definitely come to visit stupa. The place has a very serene atmosphere and hence gives a great feeling. There is a preaching centre in the premises as well. It is a great place for photography lovers as well.

The Stupa opens on all days. Do not miss out on this scintillating place. The warmth this place will offer you is beyond your imagination. Make sure you pay visit to this serene place.

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