Tso Lhamo Lake, Lachen

Tso Lhamo Lake is among the highest lakes in the world. The place is not safe during the monsoons because of the spiky roads which is very risky. The lake is a must visit during the winters as well as summers. Travel bloggers and Photographers can have a great time at the place. They would be busy in clicking some exquisite photos of the lake.

The place is amidst the flowers which makes it even more beautiful. The tourists have either ways they can opt for a car to reach the place and also trek to the place. Trekking would be a memorable experience, we do not time to experience such things in our daily lives.

It is always better to experience new things when you have the opportunity to. These events act as a sweet memory in your life. The sense peace is just on another level in this place. Visit the place and fall in love with the Tso Lhamo Lake.

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