Sangachoeling Monastery, Pelling

The surrounding among the Sangachoeling monastery is very calm and soothing. You also get a great difference when you visit a monastery. Monasteries are the heart of Sikkim and moreover give you an unreal experience. You need to walk through rich forest cover to reach the monastery. You can also plan for a Rani Dhunga Jungle Trek. It starts from nearby the monastery and is a 3 hour trek.

The ancient artifacts attract the tourists from all across the globe. Moreover, you get a picturesque view of the mountains from the monastery. The unique clay structures and scriptures are nothing short of a beauty. The important part is the monastery caught fire in the past. Despite of that the beauty of the monastery was restored. This is something that excites the tourists. You can have a trek as well plan for a visit to the monastery as well. Make sure a visit to Sangachoeling Monastery is worth a visit.

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