Changey Waterfall Pelling

Changey is a small waterfall amidst hills and forests. The timing of the spot starts early in the morning and ends in the early evening. A travel enthusiast would never want to miss the waterfall. The waterfall is at an elevation of around 2200 m. People can have a trip to the nearby village as well. The entire trip can be a refreshing trip for everyone. Tourists tend to visit places which offer them peace.

It is a picture perfect destination for those people. The waterfalls leaves no stone unturned to surprise you with its beauty. You can plan for a picnic and have a gala time. Moreover, you can easily commute to the waterfall. The waterfall is only 10 kilometres away from Pelling. Dentam Bazaar is also a very popular bazaar in the nearby village. You can visit a cheese factory which can be a new experience for you.

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