Singshore Bridge, Pelling

Singshore bridge is the highest bridge in the state and second highest in the entire Asia. Moreover, to add to the fact it is a man made bridge. When you walk on the bridge it definitely give you thrills. The bridge is almost 5 kilometres away from Pelling. There are no entry charges for the bridge. It is an open for all bridge.

However, during monsoons it can be a bit risky to visit the bridge. Other than that you can visit the bridge anytime you wish to. You get to witness the waterfalls and the natural beauty of the place. Trust me the experience is indelible. The bridge is almost 300 m above the sea level. You can reach the bridge via trekking also which can be a great option. Nature lovers can have the time of their life on the bridge. It is also very satisfying to see nature from height.

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