Kala patthar, Lachen

The place Kala Patthar is a No Man’s Land and moreover a part of Nepal. The place is in snow through out the year. The place is less crowded then zero point and there are few people who visit this place. Kala Patthar in Lachen has black mountain rock covered with snow and therefore the name is apt. The place sits at a very high altitude so it is not advisable for people with breathing problems to visit there. It provides the most accessible closeup view of the great Everest.

The place is very famous among the trekkers. Moreover, the world’s highest webcam, Mount Everest Webcam is here. It is also the place with the highest altitude most will reach without a climbing permit. The trek of the place starts from a place which is Gorakshep. Avid explorers can have the best time of their life in the place. It is a place which is worth the experience.

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