Kanchenjunga National Park, Pelling

The Kanchenjunga National Park nothing short to surprise you with its different specialities. Amidst the monasteries and rich culture of the state lies a wonderful national park. The park is a part of the UNESCO Heritage Site list. Additionally, this is first mixed heritage site of India. The name of the park is given after the third highest peak in the world. You get witness variety of flora and fauna in the park. The fee is also very easily manageable. The best time to visit the park is in the summers. The place is at its best during that period of time. There is variety of bird species found in the park. There is also a very sacred monastery nearby the park which is Tholung Monastery. It is a very famous monastery among the tourists and they tend to visit the place when they visit the park. Dwell in the beauty of the National Park and start off the year with positivity.

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