Pemayangtse Monastery, Pelling

The soulful Pemayangtse monastery is around 120 kilometers away from the capital city of Sikkim. The monastery has a high respect among the tourists. Additionally, it is among the oldest monasteries in the state. Monastery is a pure place which will give you inner peace. It is a place which can give you time for self-introspection. The name Pemayangtse translates to perfect, sublime lotus. The monastery is in the remembrance of Guru Rinpoche. Moreover, the most striking feature of the monastery is the statues of the deity and his consorts. Cham Festival is a very popular festival which takes place in the monastery. The atmosphere is electric in the place. The entry fee to the monastery is very minimal. You can have a great time in the place. You need to make sure you take out good amount of time to explore every nook and cranny. Lastly, the experience in the place is noteworthy.

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