Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park

The literal meaning of Ban means forest and Jhakri means healer. It is a natural waterfall which gives a soothing experience. Additionally, the place is around 7 kilometers away from the capital city. The waterfall is nearby a very famous monastery which is Ranka monastery. It is almost a 100 foot waterfall.

There is a specific reason for naming the park as Energy Park. The park uses non-conventional energy like solar energy. Furthermore, when the children use slides and swings this helps to generate power. It is a great picnic spot for the children. People can have a great time in the place. The combination of the falls and the park is great.

The entry fee is also very nominal. The flora of the place is also very rich. Thus, you can definitely have a great time near the nature. Make sure you visit these wonderful places when you get a chance to visit Gangtok.

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