Tashiding Monastery, Pelling

The Tashiding monastery holds around 60-70 monks in the place. The monastery is very spiritual and calm. Moreover, it is said the monastery cleans all the sins of the people who repent. Bumchu Festival is a very auspicious festival in the monastery.

There are tourists from all across who come to visit the festival. It was made in the year of 1717. The monastery is nearby Pelling you can easily reach the monastery. The monastery is among the most holiest and peaceful monasteries in the entire Sikkim. You get to experience a new life all together. The festival takes place in the month of February.

Therefore, it is a must visit in that month. Moreover, the weather is very pleasant which turns out to be cherry on the cake. The literal meaning of the word Tashiding turns out to be The Devoted Central Glory. One should not miss on the chance to visit one of the holiest monasteries.

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