Kanchenjunga Falls, Pelling

Kanchenjunga fall is around 10 kilometres away from Yuksom and 24 kilometres away from Pelling. It is among the top notch places to visit in the state. Additionally, the fall pours down from height of above 100 ft. It is a treat for families and friends to visit the place. It is an excellent place for a picnic as well. The entry fee is very nominal to enter the place. In case of an adventure activity that is rope sliding that is also cheap. The conclusion is you can have a great time at a minimal cost. After the monsoon, the vibe of the place is all together different. The lush green place along with water is a treat to watch. The place is open throughout the day till early evening. The pure nature along with the waterfall gives a sigh of relief to the visitors. At last, experience everything you can to make your trip a great one.

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