Ganesh Tok

The literal meaning of tok is temple. Hence, this turns out to be Ganesh Temple. It is a small temple then also there are lots of tourists who visit the temple. The temple holds the deity of Lord Ganesha. Moreover, in the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, the place has different vibe.

The temple is decked with lights and flowers and the scenes are thrilling. The temple is so small that it can fit one person at a time. The temple is amidst the hills and mountains which makes it more beautiful. The serene temple is around 11 kilometers from the capital city. Nearby the temple is a café where you can relish some good snacks on the go.

Aarti is a must watch in the temple. The chanting of hymns gives a soothing experience. Make sure when you visit the city a short visit the temple should be on the cards.

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